How to manage your Spoke leads in RexCRM 📨

Setting up your Rex leads email with Spoke helps automatically upload any leads into your CRM. This eliminates any manual data entry that you did before whilst also giving you a better tool to manage your leads.

There are three quick parts to get your leads synced to Rex. See instructions below -

*Please note this feature only works for the following campaign configurations -

  • Lead Maximiser goal

  • Lead Maximiser + Exposure goal

  • Spoke campaigns that use a Spoke generated landing page.

Part 1: Adding Spoke as a trusted email

  1. Login to Rex

  2. Go to 'Settings' > 'Advanced Settings' > 'Leads'

  3. Click 'add a trusted email'

  4. Put '*' as the email, 'Spoke' as the enquiry source, and Yes to parse automatically.

  5. Click 'Done' and 'Save Changes'.

Part 2: Finding your Rex leads email dropbox address

You can either use your agency's or a specific agent's lead email. See below for instructions on how to find each email address.

Part 3: Connecting Spoke campaign

  1. Create a Spoke campaign

  2. Go to the 'Landing Page' section and select 'Edit Landing Page'

  3. Click 'Advanced settings' (if hidden).

  4. There are two options on where to paste the lead email address -

    1. If you want to include the lead's email as a one-off for this campaign insert the email in the 'additional lead capture email' box.

    2. Attach the email to an agent by clicking the toggle for 'Listing Agent' > Edit an agent's profile > paste email into additional lead capture email box > Save.

*Note - an agent profile must be enabled in the 'Edit Landing Page' section of the campaign creation flow in order for the leads to be sent to RexCRM.

Get started ✅

To create a Spoke campaign simply click the button below, select which campaign you are wanting to run, and follow the campaign creation prompts to push a digital ad live today.

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