We're so excited to introduce Scheduled Top ups from your linked account to the parent wallet. The reason you'll want to this enabled, is to ensure there is always enough money in your parent wallet to fulfil your kids scheduled pocket money.

Here's how to set up scheduled top-ups with your parent log in:

  1. Log in as the Parent
  2. Tap your 'Parent Wallet' at the bottom of the screen

3. Tap "View Parent Wallet Details"

4. Tap 'Set up scheduled top ups'

5. From here you can Enable and Disable this at anytime - select the amount you would like to automatically Top Up to your parent wallet and the recurs - Weekly or fortnightly

6. Tap 'Save'

In order for scheduled top ups to be successful on the chosen date there must be sufficient funds available in your linked payment method (debit card, or bank). If there are insufficient funds, Spriggy will not attempt to take the money again until the next scheduled top up date. 

You can disable this or change your payment date/amount by tapping on the pencil.

You can view a record of transfers from within the Parent Wallet screen.

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