Your Spriggy Parent Wallet is where Parents hold their funds. Once funds are in the Parent Wallet you can transfer in real-time to your child's Savings, Goals or Card at anytime in the app!


1 - From the Parent Home screen, tap the Parent Wallet icon at the bottom of the screen (this is your control centre).

2 - This will bring up the Transfer Screen, tap the button labelled "Top Up" at the bottom of screen.

3 - You will see your linked payment method and "To account" which is the parent wallet.

All the money that you topup on to Spriggy goes here first. If you have a Debit Card as a linked payment method, money will arrive in your Parent Wallet in less than 10 minutes! If you have a Bank Account linked, money will take 3 business days to arrive.

4 - Enter the amount the you would like to add to the Parent Wallet.

5 - Tap the "Tick" button to proceed and then "Transfer" button to confirm.

6 - Then you're all done, you should get a confirmation screen confirming your transaction has been submitted.

Your Parent Wallet topup will take less than 10 minutes with debit card or up to 3 business days via a bank acount. 

Once the funds have arrived, you'll be able to transfer money to your kid's card from the same Transfer Screen.

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