If a card declines in-store or online there are few common causes:  

If your card declines:

  1. Is there sufficient balance? Log in to your Spriggy app, locate the card, and check the available funds on the card. Funds in Savings or Parent Wallet cannot be spent and need to be transferred to the Card in the app.
  2. Using in-store: If you are using your Spriggy card in-store, make sure you hit CREDIT if you need to enter your PIN number for a purchase (Purchases over $100 will require a PIN. You can reset your PIN at anytime in the app).
  3. Foreign Currency: Using your Spriggy Card online? Check if it is in AUD or a foreign currency. There is the standard 3.5% foreign currency fee on international transactions. 
  4. Is the card activated? You can quickly check this from the home screen of the app. Select the child you’re looking for from the carousel at the top of screen and look at the gold-coloured “Spriggy Card” bar in the table below. If the heading says “Not Activated”, you’ll need to activate the card before being able to add funds.
  5. Merchant blocking: Merchant blocking/restrictions, tap here to find out more!
  6. Is the card locked? Tap the gold Spriggy card box and tap "Manage" to check if the card is locked. 

We also want to let you know that the European Union has recently introduced some restrictions on how prepaid cards can be used for in-store and online transactions. Merchants may be required to impose limits on transaction values and so purchases may be rejected. You should check with the merchant if this happens. This could include transactions for overseas online gaming companies. 

If you need any additional help or questions, tap your in-app support with the details.

Tap "Account/Settings" and "Support" and provide details on where, when, how (tap or insert) and our team will help out! 

If you can't access your in-app support, our email is support@spriggy.com.au or call 1300 361 954. 

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