First, please make sure you have the latest app installed. In most cases, this happens automatically, but if not, please go to the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store to update.

Job payments come in addition to any regular pocket money payment, so please keep this in mind when setting them up. This means they’ll get paid however you set up your pocket money schedule, be it weekly or fortnightly

Get started with Jobs in 4 steps;

Turn on/adjust automatic pocket money payments

  • Open the Spriggy app and login as a parent
  • Swipe to your kid
  • Tap the green ‘Pocket Money and Jobs’ tile
  • Tap 'Set up scheduled pocket money'
  • Set an amount. You will need to set this to a minimum of $1. If you want to have some pocket money to be automatically given and some for jobs set the given amount here. e.g. $2 given pocket money and $4 earned in jobs - set $2 here.
  • Select to pay 'Every week', or 'Two weeks'
  • Tap to select to pay to either 'Card' or 'Savings'
  • Tap to select a starting date
  • Tap 'Save Settings'
  • You're done. Pocket money will be paid from this date onwards. 

Create jobs for your kids

  • Open the Spriggy app and login as a parent
  • Swipe to the kid you wish to give the job
  • Tap the green ‘Pocket Money and Jobs’ tile
  • Tap ‘New Job’ in the top right of your screen
  • Select ‘One Off’ or ‘Recurring’ (Recurring jobs are aligned to your pocket money schedule to be completed and paid every week, or two weeks)
  • Tap ‘JOB NAME’ and enter a name
  • Tap the toggle for ‘Paid Job’ to green and enter an amount if it is to be paid
  • Tap ‘Add Job’
  • The Job will be created, and a notification sent to your kids
  • Repeat for all jobs and kids 

Complete Jobs

You can complete jobs as a parent by

  • Tapping the Job and
  • Tapping ‘Mark as complete’
  • That's it. The job will be shown with a green tick to indicate it is completed and approved.
  • Payment will be made on your kids scheduled pocket money date (Make sure you set scheduled pocket money up as directed above)
  • You can change a completed job, by tapping the job and then tap ‘Mark as incomplete’

Kids can complete the job themselves

  • Login as themselves
  • Tap ‘Earn’
  • Tap the job
  • Tap ‘Submit for approval’
  • The job will be marked orange until it is approved, and a notification sent to the parent

Approve the job so they get paid:

  • Open the Spriggy app and login as a parent
  • Swipe to the kid you wish to approve jobs for
  • Tap ‘Pocket Money and Jobs’
  • Tap the orange job that is pending
  • Tap ‘Mark as complete’, or
  • Tap ‘Mark as incomplete’ if you are not happy

You MUST approve jobs each week/fortnight before the pocket money 'Pay Day' to ensure they are paid.

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