If you wish to get your children set up with Jobs, you can do so in the Parent Login.

Presently, jobs will run in-line with the pocket money schedule, which is either weekly or fortnightly.

How to create a new job:

  • Open the Spriggy app and login as a parent
  • Swipe to the kid you wish to give the job
  • Tap the green ‘Pocket Money and Jobs’ tile
  • Tap ‘New Job’ in the top right of your screen
  • Select ‘One Off’ or ‘Recurring’(Recurring jobs are aligned to your pocket money schedule to be completed and paid every week, or two weeks)
  • Tap ‘JOB NAME’ and enter a name
  • Tap the toggle for ‘Paid Job’ to green and enter an amount if it is to be paid
  • Tap ‘Add Job’
  • The Job will be created, and a notification sent

Once this is completed, jobs will be set up for your children to complete!

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