Spriggy Family Groups is a way for you to allow your family, or even close friends -  to contribute to your kids pocket money and savings goals. They can send money at any time, see your kids spending, saving, and also set them jobs.

How to set up Family Groups:

First, make sure you have the latest app installed. In most cases, this happens automatically, but if not, please go to the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store to update.

  1. Open the Spriggy app and Sign In as a parent
  2. Tap the profile picture of any of your children (the circular picture with your child’s name underneath)
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the profile and tap 'Send Invitation' Select one or more of your kids and tap 'Next'Select the person you want to invite to your Family Group and tap 'Invite'
  4. Edit the message if needed and send.
  5. Tap 'Done'

You will see invited family members at the bottom of the screen. Invitations will say ‘pending’ until accepted.

How to accept a Family Group Invitation:

You should receive a link via text message. If you have not, check with the primary Spriggy membership holder or contact support.

  1. Follow the link in the text message
  2. Download the Spriggy app
  3. Enter your mobile number and tap “Parent Sign In”
  4. Click “Accept” when prompted.
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