If your Spriggy card has been stolen or lost for good, then you will need to order a replacement card. Note: If your child's card is just expiring, not lost, please do not order a replacement, you will be prompted in app to select a new card prior to the expiry date.

If you have not, please lock your card first. 

Order a replacement card

  1. Login to Spriggy
  2. Swipe to the child you would like to order a replacement for
  3. Tap the orange 'Spriggy Card' tab

4. Tap 'Manage' in the top right hand corner

5. Tap 'Order Replacement Card'

6. Tap on the preferred card design you would like to order then tap 'Continue'

7. Make sure your Mailing Address is up to date and tap 'Continue'

8. There is a $10 replacement fee for new Spriggy cards, which you can pay from your 'Parent Wallet' or the 'Connected Account'

9. Your new Spriggy card is on the way!

NOTE: You can Lock the Old Card quickly from this section.

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