Sign In using your mobile number:

  • Launch the Spriggy app and tap Sign In
  • Enter the mobile number you used to sign up and tap Parent sign in
  • You will then be sent a verification code via SMS
  • Enter the code and tap Verify Code

If you don't receive your one-time code you may need to retry, ensuring the mobile number entered is correct.

Sign In using your Email address:

  • Launch the Spriggy app and tap Sign In
  • Tap Use email and enter your email address used to sign up
  • Enter your password and tap Sign in

If you have forgotten your password tap forgot password, enter your email address and you will receive a link within minutes that will help you out.

Sign In as a child:

Each child username and password are set up and managed from within the app when signed in as a parent. To sign in as a child just:

  • Launch the Spriggy app and tap Sign In
  • Now tap Sign in as a Child
  • Enter in the Child’s username and password

If you are met with our Welcome back screen, swipe left until you see Other and tap the + button and follow the steps above.

If you need to update your details or are not sure what details you used to sign up please don’t sign up again, it will delay getting you up and running.

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