You’ll be prompted to set up your child logins in the setup task list presented to you when you first log in to that app. If you happened to miss that opportunity or you would like to change your children’s username and password in the future, you can do so by:

  1. Login to the Spriggy app as a Parent
  2. Tap on their profile photo or name on the home screen

3. Here you can edit the child’s “Username” click “Change Password” to update

4. Enter the “Password” you would like to create 

Note: Password must be 8 characters or more

Now you are ready to log the child into their own Spriggy App - Click “Sign in as Child” from the Sign-in screen and enter the child "Username" and "Password"

Once the child is signed in your will prompted to create a 4 digit passcode for easier access.

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