We've custom built Spriggy for families and included heaps of features designed specifically for parents and their kids. Our purpose-built app allows parents to stay in control and keep track of their kids' use of the cards anytime, anywhere. Parents can add funds, set recurring transfers, set savings goals, view transactions, and lock/unlock the card - all from a single login within the app. Parents are able to add money to their kids cards instantly - without having to wait for the overnight delays of the banking system, which is very useful in the event of an emergency. Spriggy is the only offering in Australia that provides personalised prepaid cards to kids as young as 6. Most other generic prepaid cards have a minimum age of 16 or higher and they don't automatically renew when they expire after 1-2 years, at which point, you get hit with another "upfront" fee. With Spriggy, there are no fees for expiry renewals, ever. The only ongoing fees are the annual Spriggy membership fee of $30 per child.

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