We understand that it can be scary finding an unauthorised transaction on your child's card, but we can certainly help out!

Disputing a charge on the card:

  1. Ensure your child's card is locked (tap your child's Spriggy card in-app, then manage, and lock the card)
  2. Contact the merchant to double check there are no subscriptions in place under your chid's card number. This is a crucial step, as a lot of our users discover that transactions evolve from previously purchased items on the same site, that may have let to an unwanted subscription
  3. If the merchant can identify the transaction, they may be able to help you with with a refund
  4. If the merchant is unable to assist, please contact support@spriggy.com.au with the following information:
  • Date and Amount of unauthorised transaction
  • Is the card still in your possession?
  • Have there been any other authorised transactions after the charge?

5.  If the transaction is settled, we can dispute the charge on your behalf. We may require you to fill out documentation including emails and screenshots.  We lodge a claim that you did not authorise the transaction with the providers bank and the provider's bank subsequently asks them for proof that they were in fact authorised to make the transaction. If they cannot provide sufficient proof that they had the authority to charge the card, then you'll be refunded in full.

Before the Spriggy team can help out, we strongly encourage parents to approach the merchants first, as this can be a faster process to retrieving your funds.

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