Cash is good for learning the basics of money, but the world is changing. It's becoming more digital. As young people get older, they start using cards more often to buy things in stores and online - where cash is not always convenient.

With Cash:

  • It's more difficult to keep track of where and how much you're spending it.
  • It's easy to lose and not easily recovered. 
  • It can't be spent online, which means having to borrow your parents’ credit cards.
  • It's difficult to transfer to a child who is kilometres away at school or stuck in an emergency.

With Spriggy:

  • Family's know how much money they have and where it's being spent.
  • All the money is safe and secure on the lockable card.
  • Parents can track saving/spending and send money to their child's card anytime, anywhere.
  • Children can only ever spend what's on the card - so it can never be overdrawn.
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