Spriggy is not a bank, which is important, so we can focus on supporting families to teach their kids important money skills, not selling them credit cards etc that they do not need. 

Spriggy is designed to learn by doing, in a way that gets the kids excited and ready for the real world. We earn money, we save money, we spend money and those experiences are brought to life in our app - no bank is delivering that!

The purpose-built app means parents can get the comfort of having a complete view of how their kids are managing money, get updates on spending, instantly transfer funds and lock cards whenever needed.

Kids get an app that they can actually use and understand, including multiple savings goals spending tracker and a prepaid card that allows them to spend their money where they want to - like the app store. Most banks only offer EFTPOS cards to kids and so they miss learning vital lessons about spending money online - and mum or dad have to fill the void with their own cards.

With Spriggy, it doesn't matter who you bank with today, or that your child uses the same bank as you. Unlike most banks, we are not going to make you put the family in the car and come down to a branch to open a service, sign up online in two minutes and then relax. 

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