It's easy to top up:

If you are on the new app:

You'll need to add a payment method before you top up.

  • go to the cog wheel in the top right-hand corner 'settings'

  • payment method

  • Add payment method

  • enter all the required details

  • tap "save"

  • go to settings

  • Parent wallet

  • top up (top up options are $10, $20, $30 & $40)

If you are on the website or old app:

Simply place an order and you will be prompted to top up at the order confirmation screen if necessary. If you prefer, you can also top up manually in the 'Account' section.

Top up options are $10, $20, $40 & $60.

Many parents have expressed desire for this to reduce the amount of transactions so we're happy to release this feature. 

Please note that Spriggy Schools does not charge transaction fees for top-ups to your account.

To find out the payment methods we accept check out this article

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