If you would like to order for multiple days and menus for multiple children all in one transaction, you can do so by clicking on the order details drop down then selecting your desired menu, date and the respective child.

You can add multiple orders to the cart before making payment.

  1. Click "order" underneath the menu and date for your child's first order

  2. Add the desired lunch item(s) to your cart

  3. Click on your child's name at the top left to order an item(s) for another child

4. Click on the menu and date drop down arrow to order from another menu on another date.

5. Add the desired item(s) and then click "go to cart"

6. Review your cart for all orders for all children. Here you can remove orders, clear your cart, or go back and add more orders by clicking the back arrow ( < ) .

Feel free to reach out to us if you have any feedback!

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