Spriggy Schools enables canteens to take orders from students over the counter at recess and lunch using the Spriggy Schools system.

Students can place orders from the canteen’s menu, with the funds being debited from the parent’s Spriggy Schools wallet.

Note, the canteen has to enable this feature. Send us a message if you're unsure if your school's canteen allows this.

For parents

Below are the steps for parents to authorise this feature.

First, login at app.spriggyschools.com.au and go to the Children section.

Here, parents can edit their child’s details. On the right hand side, parents can now authorise the canteen to take orders directly from the child over the counter.

After agreeing to the terms, parents can check the Authorise box and select the child’s favourite colour.

The favourite colour acts as a password for the child when ordering at the canteen. Click the Save button to finish the authorisation.

For canteens

Below are the steps for canteen staff to process Spriggy Schools orders over the counter.

First, login at app.spriggyschools.com.au and go to the Students section.

Find the student who wants to place an order.

On their profile page, you will see the student’s favourite colour (password) and their parent’s balance.

If the balance will not cover the order value, then the order will be declined. Spriggy Schools does not automatically top up the parent wallet to cover orders made at the canteen counter.

To create an order, select the Recess or Lunch from the dropdown and click ‘Create order’.

From here, you can add the items to the cart and place the order.

After placing the order, the parent will receive a confirmation email with the orders details.

The order will then be immediately visible in the student’s order history, as below.

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