Spriggy Schools is a service that we provide for parents to place canteen, uniform and/or event orders at their child's school.

For parents, there is only a simple fee of $0.29 per order, per child.

This fee covers all transaction costs, besides the items in the order. The fee is charged on top of the price of food or drink items ordered.

One 'order' means an individual recess OR lunch order.

For example, if you order a piece of fruit and a drink for recess, and a hot dog and a drink for lunch for your child on the same day, there will be 2x $0.29 fees (total of $0.58) on top of the price of the food and drink items.

We have found that our simple and transparent fee structure allows canteens to operate efficiently, and our team to provide a high-quality and affordable canteen ordering service for parents!

There are no other fees charged, like top-up fees, subscription fees, or inactivity fees.

We understand this may be different to what you are used to but we hope that our clear and transparent pricing, customer service and regularly updated product gives you a great experience overall.

We love feedback so please feel free to reach out to us at anytime! 😁

Some canteens may offer a reduced fee or limited promotion. Get in touch with us if you are unsure if a promotion applies to your school.

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