We've recently updated Spriggy Schools to support more menu option selection types. This has been requested by many canteens to make the menus more flexible, so we're glad to announce this release!

What are the selection options?

The selection options determine how menu item options behave in the parent app. For example, some options may be mandatory, while others may be not. The 4 types we have now are:

  • Required - 1 Selection

  • Required - Multiple Selections

  • Optional - 1 Selection

  • Optional - Multiple Selections

Let's go through each selection type.

Required - 1 Selection

This means the parent must select 1 and only 1 option. A good example of this is choosing a flavour of a drink. You have to chose a flavour, but you can't chose more than one flavour.

Required - Multiple Selections

This means the parent must select 1 or more options. An example of this might be choosing the filling of a roll (chicken and/or beef). The parent must select at least one filling, but they can also select both for a mixed chicken and beef roll.

Optional - 1 Selection

This means the parent can select 1 option or none at all. An example of this might be choosing "more lettuce" or "less lettuce". You parent only chose one, but not the other. You may also not chose anything, to receive the standard amount of lettuce.

Optional - Multiple Selections

This means that the parent can select many options, or none at all. An example of this might be extra options on a sandwich. The parent can not chose anything to get the standard sandwich or add as many extra ingredients as they wish.

How to update the selection options

  • Go to Menu Editor > Item Options

  • Add or Edit an Item Option

  • Scroll down to Selection Rules and select your preference:

  • If you haven't already, add your options in the remainder of the screen.

  • Ensure that your options are linked to a menu item

  • Click save and you are done!

Let us know if you have any feedback and thanks for using Spriggy Schools!

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