We are happy to announce a new feature that allows canteen operators to set the display order of categories and items in the menu. This gives canteen operators the option to increase the prominence of the most popular categories and items. This also makes it easier for ordering from these categories.

How it works

New categories

When creating a new category, you will now have the option of adding a ‘Display Order’. This will list the categories in the sequence you specify, giving you access to your most used categories faster. If you don’t need these to be sorted, just leave it on the default ‘1’ and it will work as before.

Existing categories

You can update your existing categories using the ‘Edit Category’ function.

New and existing items

When adding new items, you have the option of adding a 'Display Order'. This is useful in showing the most prominent items higher up the list. This is optional.

If you need any help with this feature, feel free to reach out to us!

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