Yes, we do! Yes, you can!

Refer your friends to try out Sprout Studio, and when they sign up for a subscription, you earn money! To earn your commission from your referrals, share about Sprout Studio using your unique referral code.

To find your referral code, go to Settings > Referral Program

For each signup from your unique referral code, you'll get paid 50% of their first month's payment. You can choose to use this as a credit towards your Sprout Studio subscription, or we can send you the payment via PayPal once you've accumulated enough referrals. 

Monthly Stats

The first section on your referral page shows your monthly stats. Your monthly stats show you a "live view" of the following: 

  • Referred Visits - The number of photographers you have referred, and have visited the Sprout Studio registration page.
  • Referred Trials - The number of photographers you have referred who have signed up for a trial. 
  • Referred Signups - The number of photographers you have referred who have signed up for a Sprout Studio subscription.
  • Earning Rate - Your earning rate.
  • Unpaid Earnings - The amount of money you have yet to be paid. 
  • Paid Earnings - The amount of money you've already been paid. 

Quick Share

The "Quick Share" section gives you Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google + quick-share links, using your referral code, for: 

  1. The website. Share this link if you are telling photographers and friends about Sprout Studio and you want to let them research Sprout Studio for themselves to understand what it is on a deeper level. 
  2. The "What is Sprout Studio" video. Share this link if you want to talk about Sprout Studio yourself, and share a video that quickly helps your friends understand what Sprout Studio is. Here is that video:


Your photographer friends are visual people!

Use our shareable graphics (logos, screenshots, lifestyle graphics) to share about Sprout Studio visually. Download the graphics and testimonial graphics by clicking the "Shareable Graphics" or "Testimonial Graphics" buttons. 

Custom Welcome Message

You can add a custom welcome message that your referrals will see when they go to sign up for a trial using your referral link. We suggest adding a testimonial and your profile photo, so they have familiarity (you!) when they sign up. 

Referral Link Generator

You can build a custom link for your friends when referring Sprout Studio. This adds your unique referral code when you share: 

You'll receive a commission for anyone who visits any of your links, as long as they sign up within 30 days of visiting using your link.

This means you can share a podcast episode, a calculator, a link to, and so on, and even though your friend may not sign up today, when they eventually do sign up, you'll earn money! 

You can also optionally include a coupon when you refer your friends, just choose one from the coupon dropdown!

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