Sprout Studio currently does not offer lab integration, which means you can choose any lab you'd like; you're not limited to only a couple of labs!

Many successful photographers choose not to use automatic lab fulfillment, anyway. Lab integration means that images your client orders from your gallery are automatically sent to your lab for printing.

Here are five reasons so many professional photographers choose not to use lab integration with their online gallery software, and why you may want to consider not using lab integration, too: 

  1. The images you upload in a gallery must be the final edits. You have no insight into which images your client will order, and therefore which ones will be sent to the lab for printing. Are you sure every image in that gallery is ready for a 20x30 print? Wouldn't it make more sense for you only to retouch and fine-tune the images that are ordered for print versus all of them?

  2. You have no creative input (or control) over the images or the print order. You can't tweak cropping, make specific adjustments, or guide your clients in their ordering process. You are completely hands-off, which means you aren't able to have a say in the finished product. Wouldn't you rather know that the products leaving your studio (and carry your name) have your personal touch?

  3. When your lab ships an order directly to your client (drop-shipping), it removes the boutique approach to photography. Wouldn't you rather choose a packaging and presentation that matches your brand and reinforces your style? 

  4. There is no quality control. When your clients receive their prints directly from your lab, you are not able to check out the prints and make sure they live up to your standards. Plus, then you never get a chance to view your work in its finished state, which is arguably the most exciting part of ordering prints!

  5. When you remove yourself from the whole process, you do not have the opportunity to impact the customer experience. This means you're having fewer touch-points with your client and commoditizing your services. This, ultimately, will decrease the perceived value, customer loyalty, and referrals. 

With Sprout Studio, you can offer any products or print sizes you'd like! You get notified of print orders from all galleries, and then you can tweak the order, retouch the images and order the prints from whichever lab you prefer to use. 

You save time, get creative control, you can give a great customer experience, you can make sure your brand is well-represented, and you are not locked into using only a specific lab. 

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