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Creating a package within a price list
Creating a package within a price list

How to create a package within a price list, edit the price of a package and offer a package discount

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A Package in a Price List is a combination of prints, products, services, and a package price. For each package, you can also optionally include a description. Packages are used for booking clients through a booking proposal.

How to create a package within a price list.

Create a new family bronze package with specific pricing

1. Click on the Price List you want to add your package to.

Screenshot of: Click "Portrait"

2. Click on "Package" and click "New Package" to get to the Package modal. Enter the name of your New Package.

Screenshot of: Click "PACKAGES"
Click "New Package"
Enter the name for your New Package.

3. To add your contents to the package, click "Add Item" and choose select "Service." Choose the item you want from the dropdown menu and click "Add" to add it to your package.

Screenshot of: Click "Add Item"
Click "Service"
Click this dropdown.
Click "Add"

4. To update the price of your package click the "Price" button in the top right corner. Enter your new total and click "Update". A warning may appear that items have been split out, this is to equally divide the total cost of your price among your items. Click "Okay" and then "Save" to continue.

Screenshot of: Click "Price" to update the price of your Package.
Double-click this number field.
Click "Update"
Click "Okay"
Click "Save"

5. Once you have finished adding items to your Price List click "Save & Close" in the lower right corner of the Price List.

How to edit the description of a package

A package description is used in a Client Pricing Guide and in booking proposals to explain the package a bit better and set expectations for that package. To edit the description of a package, click the "Description and Image" tab at the bottom while editing a package.

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