Note: This feature is only available on the Pro and Studio plans.

Watermarking your images keeps them protected from theft online and can advertise your work when shared. With Sprout Studio, you have the option to have a watermark on your photos whenever they are displayed.

How to create a watermark

To create a watermark go to Settings > Galleries & Designs > Watermarks. Click "New Watermark" and upload the image or logo you would like displayed as the watermark into the "Image" section. You can either drag and drop onto this area or click the grey box to upload the image from your computer.

You can then set the opacity and size of your watermark using the sliders, and click any of the image quadrants to set the location where the watermark will be displayed.

You also have the option of displaying a watermark on thumbnails in a proofing gallery. If you would like thumbnails to be watermarked when using this watermark in a gallery, toggle this on.

How to preview what your watermark will look like on an image

If you would like to preview the watermark on an image, you can upload a photo into the "Watermark Preview Image" area. Either drag and drop any image onto this area or click the area to upload and select from your computer.

Once the preview image is set you will see an example of your Watermark displayed on this image as it would appear to your clients.

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