Note: This feature is only available on the Pro and Studio plans.

You can categorize the expenses you enter into Sprout Studio, to help organize and keep track of your business spending.

How to create a new expense category

You can add a category in two different ways: 

  1. Open the Expense modal by either clicking Quick Add > Expense, or by clicking Overview > Expenses > Add Expense. Clicking "+ More Details" will expand the modal to give you more customizability on the expense. Add a new category for this expense by clicking "+ Add New".

  2. Go to Settings > Automation > Customizable Lists > Expense Categories and click the "Edit" button to open your current list of expense categories. At the bottom of this list will be a "+ New Expense Category" button.

When adding/editing a category in settings, you can assign a colour to that category, rearrange the order they are listed in so those categories you use more often can be at the top of the list, and merge any categories which may be similar to one another.

These categories will be displayed alongside your itemized expenses when you are reviewing your Expense Report, and each category will also be totalled so you can stay on top of your spending in each category.

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