You have the option of being notified about certain client activity as it takes place in your Sprout Studio account, such as when a client signs a contract, a new Lead comes in, or even if a Booking Proposal you sent out has expired. You can receive these notifications either in the software itself or as an email to your inbox.

How to edit/update user notification settings

You can open your notification settings in two ways:

  1. Clicking on your profile image in the bottom left corner to open your notifications, and from here you can click "Profile" in the menu.

  2. Go to Settings > Account > Users > Your User Account and click the "Edit" button to open your current user settings. Navigate to the "notifications" tab.

By default, all email and Sprout notifications go to the Primary user assigned to the Lead, Shoot, Gallery, etc. If you'd like to change this, go to Settings > Account > Preferences and scroll to the "Notifications" section at the bottom of the page.

You can choose to have notifications sent to:

  • Primary User, which is the primary user assigned to the asset.

  • Brand Fallback User, which is the user assigned specifically to your brand.

  • All Attached Users, which sends the notification to all the users attached to your asset.

You can choose to BCC notifications to a specific user at the bottom of the page so they are sent all notifications, regardless of whether they're attached or not.

Note: If you have a multi-user organization, these notification settings can be set per user depending on their individual preferences.

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