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Creating and editing reasons for closing a lead
Creating and editing reasons for closing a lead

How to keep track of why your potential clients are not booking you by recording the reason the lead was closed

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When marking a lead as "closed", meaning they are not pursuing you as their photographer, you have the option of entering a reason why they chose not to book you. This can be anything from them choosing a different photographer, you being unavailable, or they simply never responding to your emails or phone calls after inquiring.

This is especially handy so you can grasp why people aren't booking and make changes using our Booking Trend and Business Health reports.

How to add a reason for closing to a lead

You can add a reason for closing a lead by selecting the reason when marking the lead as "closed" from the status dropdown.

Note: This can only be done from inside a Lead itself. If you close a Lead from the Lead List page, it will not ask you for a Reason for Closing.

Alternatively, if you miss adding a reason for closing after changing the status, you can add one in the "Lead Closed" banner at the top of the lead.

How to create a new reason for closing

You can add a new reason for closing in two different ways:

  1. Directly from within the closed lead either when initially marking it as closed in the status dropdown by clicking the "+ Add New" button below the list of existing reasons. Alternatively, you can click the "+ Add New Reason" button in the red header, which will appear on the lead overview page once it has already been marked as closed.

  2. Go to Settings > Account > Metadata > Reasons for Closing and click the "Edit" button to open your current list of reasons. At the bottom of this list will be a "+ New Reason for Closing" button.

When adding/editing a reason for closing in settings, you can assign a colour to that reason, rearrange the order they are listed in so those reasons you receive more often are at the top of the list, and merge any reasons that may be similar.

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