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Adding your Contact Form to Squarespace
Adding your Contact Form to Squarespace

How to embed your Sprout Studio Contact Form to your Squarespace web page

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Your Sprout Studio contact form can be embedded directly onto your website to make it seem like it's a part of the web page itself. To do this, you just need to have your Contact Form embed code handy. With this article, we will focus on how to attach your Contact Form to your Squarespace website.

To find your Contact Form embed code, go to Settings > Communication > Contact Forms and click the View Embed Code button underneath the Contact Form. You will have an option between 3 different codes. For Squarespace, any of these codes will work, but we suggest that you use the Script code on your site.

Once viewing your Script code, select the code and copy it. From here we are going to go to your Squarespace contact page. On your contact page, you'll need to create a new block on the page and choose the Code option (you might need to scroll down in the pop window to see it).

Paste your code into the text block and add the Contact Form to your site. You'll see it populate directly on your web page. It will end up saying "Script disabled" but don't worry, it just doesn't show up on the back end. Once you view your website normally, it will render correctly.

If the height doesn't match up correctly while using the iFrame, you may need to change the pixel height in the iFrame code itself. To do this, just increase the number where it says "height: XXpx;" to make the bounding box bigger.

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