Sprout Studio can take care of sending some emails automatically to your clients on your behalf. These are emails that are in reaction to an action taken by the client (i.e. a confirmation or receipt for payment), or a reminder of an upcoming or overdue invoice.

How to enable or disable automatic emails

Go to Settings > Communication > Automatic Emails and click to toggle the email ON or OFF.

Note: There are some automatic emails which you cannot turn off for actions which are explicitly requested by the customer, such as a request for a download link, or a forgotten password.

How to edit and personalize automatic emails

You can personalize each email by clicking the name of each Automatic Email to preview it and edit the text contained in the email. 

You can also insert any of the available variables (displayed at the bottom of the modal - such as [payment_amount] in the case of an invoice reminder) to automatically populate the applicable information for that lead or shoot when the email is sent.

How to add your branding to automatic emails

Automatic emails are designed to be beautiful, branded emails instead of just plain text. Go to Settings > Account & Branding > Brands > Selected Brand and click the "Edit" button to open the branding modal. Navigate to the "Theme" tab to upload your own "Custom Email Header", which will be displayed at the top of each automatic email when it is sent out from each respective brand.

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