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**Apple Pay is coming soon**

Can I resume deleted cards if I find my lost device?

Sorry, once a card has been deleted we cannot add it again. Only suspended cards can be resumed.

Can I add a card again if it's been deleted?

Yes, you can add a card again to your Apple Wallet once it's been deleted.

How many cards can I add to a single device?

You can add up to 16 cards to a single device depending on the model.*

Will I see transactions on my phone?

Yes, your latest transactions will show in your Apple Wallet. You'll also see the transactions in the SquareOne app.

How many devices can I add a card to?

You can add a card to any number of Apple devices as long as the device supports Apple Pay.

Can I add other bank cards in my Apple wallet?

Yes, as long as your bank supports Apple Pay, up to 16 cards can be added (depending on your device type).*

I performed a transaction and the terminal says 'Declined' but I have seen the tick mark with a ‘Done’ message on my phone. Did the transaction go through?

Yes, if you see the 'Done' message then the transaction went through. Please see the app or contact SquareOne to check why the transaction was declined.

Will I get a notification for declined transactions?

Yes, notifications will be sent for both approved and declined transactions. Note that notifications for Apple Wallet and/or SquareOne will need to be on for notifications to come through.

Does removing a card from iPhone affect the card on Watch when its paired to the same phone?

No, these are treated as two seperate 'tokens' so it would not be affected.

Does unpairing an Watch from iPhone remove the card on watch?

Yes, your card will be removed if you unpair your watch.

I'm receiving an error, “Card Not Added-Contact your issuer” message while adding card. What does this mean?

This error means there is an issue with your card. Please get in touch with SquareOne for more info.

What happens if my iPhone is lost/stolen?

You can suspend/delete your 'token' through iCloud or get in touch with SquareOne to suspend/delete the token for you.

*From iOS15 ; anything Pre iPhone 8 (iPhone 7 and iPhone 6S) remains on 8 cards.

iPhone 8 increases from 8 to 12 cards

iPhone XS and later, increases from 12 to 16 cards.

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