How to set up a push notification

How a SQUID business can set up push notifications through their business portal.

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Push Notifications

❗️Important❗️ Before proceeding, to set up a push notification you must be on the Premium Subscription. 

If you would like to update to the Premium Subscription click here.

Push notifications can be designed and sent easily by logging into your Business Portal.

Click the Notifications tab on the left hand side of the screen, and then click the dropdown option for + New Campaign.

There are some pre-made templates to choose from if you are unsure of what to do at first! 
If you have an idea of exactly what you want to send to your customer base, click the ‘Start from scratch with a blank campaign’ button.

A menu will appear where you can create your new campaign.
You will be asked to fill in the following boxes:

Campaign Name

Give your campaign template a name so that you can re-visit it in the future and send it again to the same audience!

Message Header

Pick a short punchy header that will grab your customers attention, emojis encouraged! 🦑

Message Body

This will be the content of your message, keep it short and sweet! 🍬

Direct to

Choose where the user will be taken on their phone if they click the notification. Want them to be able to stamp straight away? Send them to the home page! Want them to view your biography and learn about your business? Send them to your profile!

Scheduled for

Choose when you want the notification to be sent out!

Note: You must give 48 hours notice before sending a notification, this allows the SQUID approvals team to check the message to ensure it adheres to our guidelines.

Send to

Here you can select the exact cohort of customers that you want to send your message to. Play around with the settings so that you can reach the perfect target audience!

Note: Some SQUID Customers do not have notifications enabled for the SQUID App on their phone and will not be reachable by the Push Notification feature. This will be reflected in the audience numbers of the ‘Send to’ box of the campaign customisation process.

Once you are happy with your campaign click 'Send For Approval'. We will then approve your campaign!

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