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How to set up an In-App Message (Previously Push Notifications)
How to set up an In-App Message (Previously Push Notifications)

How a SQUID business can set up an In-App Message through their business portal. Updated this week

Updated over a week ago

Push Notifications & In-App Messaging

❗️Important❗️ Before proceeding, to set up an In-App Message/Push Notification you must be on the Premium Subscription. 
If you would like to update to the Premium Subscription click here.

What is An In-App Message? Previously called Push notifications, our new In-App Messages can be designed and sent easily by logging into your Business Portal.
Unlike Push Notifications, customers cannot choose to disable them, and the message now saves in their SQUID inbox (see the bell icon on the right hand side)

Creating An In-App Message?

Click the Messages tab on the left hand side of the screen. You will be brought to the results page. To create a new message, click the coral ‘Create Message’ button in the top right corner.

1. Adding a Link

The first step is to decide if you wish to add an external link to your message.

This link can be a call to action to your customers to e.g. visit your social media page, check out your website, make a reservation/booking, or leave a Google Review.

Give your link a title that will entice a customer to click on it e.g., Check It Out!, Leave a Review, Book Today! Etc.

Note: You do not need to add a link!

2. Create your Message

First, give your message campaign a name. Your customers won’t see this- it is for your own internal use only so that you can track the success of your message.

Next, give your message a header. Your customer will see this and it must be 40 characters or less. You will see the template on the right hand side update as your type- this shows what the customer will see on their phone.

Finally, write your message body. Keep this interesting, and to the point. Offering the customer something that they wouldn’t know or get if they weren’t part of your loyalty club is very effective.

3. Extra Parameters

Set your send date and time using the calendar function

Note: You must give 48 hours notice before sending a notification, this allows the SQUID approvals team to check the message to ensure it adheres to our guidelines.

You can see your expected reach, and you can filter your audience to specific locations or schemes that you have running.

Add in your email to receive updates on when your message has been sent.

Once you are happy with your campaign click 'Send For Approval'. We will then approve your campaign!

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