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How to Add New Custom Types in SR1
How to Add New Custom Types in SR1

How to add Custom Types on the Data Types page in SR1

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SR1 may sometimes need some further customization by users to fully meet their needs. One of the ways to do this is to add custom types in the Data Types page.

The basic steps for each type are the same. This example shows how to add a custom Release Royalty Type.

1. Sign into SR1 as a system administrator

2. Go to the setup menu in the purple navigation bar

3. Select Data Types from the left hand Navigation

4. Go to release royalty types and click edit

5. Type the needed release royalty type at the bottom of the box that appears. In this example, we used "Bundle"

6. Click Save

Now the release royalty type will be available for use in deals and when importing/creating new releases.

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