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How To Fix Invalid Country Codes
How To Fix Invalid Country Codes

SR1 requires that country codes be valid, 2-letter ISO codes. Invalid codes will error out and prevent you from running royalty statements.

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  1. Invalid country codes can occur in digital, physical, and publishing income. Navigate to the appropriate statement container.

  2. Click on the Active Data or Import Data tab and select Search/Edit to view all sales lines.

    1. Active Data will show all sales lines that have been mapped & activated.

    2. Import Data will show all unmapped sales lines.

  3. Click to Show Invalid Country Codes to view all sales lines with invalid country codes in this statement container.

    1. If you select View All, you will see all active or unmapped sales lines in SR1 across all statement containers.

  4. Scroll right to view the invalid codes in the Country column.

  5. To fix these lines manually, click into the Country cell and type in the valid, 2-letter ISO code it should be changed to.

    1. WARNING: If you try to click out of the cell while the country code is still invalid, your SR1 window will freeze until you change it to a valid, 2-letter ISO code.

  6. To fix these lines in bulk, click on the wrench tool above the Country column.

    1. This method will only work if the invalid Country cell contains the full country name and matches exactly to the SR1 drop-down options.

    2. Example: "UNITED STATES" will be changed to "US", but "UNITED STATES OF AMERICA" will remain invalid and unchanged.

  7. To fix any remaining lines in bulk, click on the wrench tool above the Country column. If there are multiple different invalid country codes, do a Find and work through one set at a time.

    1. WARNING: Double check that you are replacing data for the correct field and the correct found set.

    2. Click on Fill/Replace Data to resolve any remaining invalid codes.

    3. Enter the correct ISO code and click Replace.

    4. These lines should now be fixed.

    5. Repeat this step as needed on all other invalid country codes.

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