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How to Create Track Releases Using the Admin Menu
How to Create Track Releases Using the Admin Menu
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1. Create a found set of all the releases for which you want to create track releases.

a. This can be done by using the Find function in the top of the window (ex. to search for criteria based on release metadata)

b. OR the Container search function magnifying glass at the bottom of the screen (ex. to search for all releases created by a specific user)

2. Enter the List View to view all of these releases.

3. Go to Admin – Release Updates--Create Track Releases

4. Select the options for creating track releases

b. If you create track releases “Per Unique SR1 Asset”, you should select “No, No, Yes” in the Options.

c. If you create track releases “Per Unique Track Usage”, you should select “Yes, Yes, No” in Options.

5. Then, hit create. The length of time it will take to create the track releases depends on the number of releases being created.

Per Unique SR1 Asset – will create one track release per unique SR1 Asset. This means that if an asset (recording) appears on multiple releases, this will still create only one track release. The benefit to using this method, is that it will be easier to manage your data, as there will not be releases with duplicate ISRC’s.

Per Unique Track Usage – Will create multiple track releases per asset. A new track release will be created each time an asset appears on a new release. If an asset/recording appears on three releases, there will be three track releases with this asset. The benefit to managing your data with this method is that you can track which release the sale came from (assuming the data is provided by the vendor).

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