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Deals Template 50/50 Net Profit Share
Deals Template 50/50 Net Profit Share
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1. Create a New Deal

2. Fill in the basic info. If you are creating a sample/template deal that you will duplicate for many parties, reference that in the deal name (for example, “50 50 Sample Deal”)

3. Enter The Terms

4. Set the Digital and Physical Rates at 50%

4a. Create Rest of World Territory by clicking the green plus icon

4b. Create a new term line by clicking the green plus icon on the right

4c. Enter 50% as the Income Share %

4d. Repeat the Process for the Physical Rate

5. Set the Expense Recoupment to 50%

5a. This is 50% because technically the artist is paying 50% of the expenses as the expenses are taken out of the net profit share before being taken out (this is done by going to Terms- Expense Recoupment and setting the rate at 50%)

6. Finish Terms by setting the reserve rate, budget rates, and Licensing Terms

7. Add assets in the typical way by going to assets and clicking the note icon. Then, search for the assets you wish to add

7a. Search for the asset(s)

7b. Select which asset(s)

8. Connect releases and licenses by going to the “Related Info Tab” and selecting to “Find Un-attached Releases.” Then, connect the releases to deals within the releases page

8a. Related Info Tab > Releases Tab > Click "Find Un-Attached Releases"

8b. Once you've clicked "Find Un-Attached Releases", Go to the Admin Tab. Then, click "Release > Auto Connect Deal"

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