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Where to Enter Default Release Prices
Where to Enter Default Release Prices
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1. Go to the Releases page

2. Go to the Pricing Tab

-If you are differentiating a price for a product by territory, use the green plus icon to add a new territory. Enter the retail and PPD for that territory to the right of the territory. Otherwise, just enter the default price below the territory table

-If a sale does not match the territory, the default price will be used in the calculation

3. Note: We do not recommend using the base price for digital sales as there is great fluctuation in the prices for digital sales. For example, an album may have a retail price of $10 when sold, but what would be the default price if it is streamed or downloaded on a cloud service?

-For this reason, it is best to set deal terms that use net income or average price (the average price of all types of income used as a base price, with the royalty being a percentage of this average price. This works out so the rate would be the same as if it were net income)

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