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How to Batch Email Royalty Statements
How to Batch Email Royalty Statements

How to email completed royalty statements as a batch instead of individually.

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  1. Sign into SR1 and navigate to the reports page.

  2. Use the Reports Bar to access the section of statements that you'd like to email out.

  3. Use the find buttons to select the exact statements that you would like to email out. In this example we are emailing statements for 2006 period 2

  4. Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and select "Batch Email"

  5. A new box will appear

    1. Select an email account to mail the statements from

      1. Click Select Account

      2. Choose an account from the list to mail out statements. The email address box will display an email address when the correct account is selected.

    2. Review and edit the text in the box if needed, just do not remove the "Click Here to see your statement" Link

  6. When you're happy with the email text, then click the Send button. SR1 will let you know when the task is complete.

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