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How to Import Contacts into SR1
How to Import Contacts into SR1

This article describes how to import contacts in bulk into SR1 using the Contact Template.

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  1. Prepare the Contact Template

    1. Download the SR1 Contacts Import Template from the SR1 Templates Menu

    2. Once the import is downloaded, open the file in Excel

    3. Fill out as much information pertaining to your contacts that you would like to include in their contact record. The only required field is “Contact Name” - this field has a purple header

    4. Contact Name is how this Contact will be referred to systemwide

    5. The additional field definitions can be found on the instructions tab of the template

    6. When you’re done filling out the template, Save and Close the document

  2. Import Contacts

    1. Once the template is filled out, go to the Import Menu in SR1

    2. Select "Import Contacts"

    3. In the pop up window click This PC > Navigate to the Remote Desktop Virtual Drive > Open the Uploads folder > Select the template you uploaded > Click Open

    4. In the box that pops up, double check that contacts are being imported and click "Import"

    5. Your new contacts will now appear in the contacts section of SR1.

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