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How to Enable SR1 to Batch Email Statements
How to Enable SR1 to Batch Email Statements

This will walk you through a batch email set up for SR1.

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  1. Before sending a batch email, finish setting up emailing in the Setup Page of SR1 by going to Setup > Accounts > Select the magnifying glass next to your account name.

  2. In the pop up window, select the email settings tab, and fill out the required information. The password corresponds to the password you use to log into your email. This is necessary for sending statements through your email. After filling out the required information, hit apply.

  3. Emailing And Managing Statements

    1. To email statements, go to the reports page, then click either “Master Statements," "Distribution Statements," or "Pub Admin Statements" depending on the statements you are emailing.
      *Note* If you are using Gmail as an email provider. Please choose Server Port 587.

    2. Then either select the envelope icon to the left of the Statement’s Deal ID, or to email a batch of statements, create a found set using the “Find” button and then select “Batch Email” at the bottom of the screen. An example of a found set would be searching for the Year and Period of the statements you’d like to email, or searching for the Date Created of the statements you will batch email.

      4. Done!

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