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SR1 Login Instructions
SR1 Login Instructions
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  1. In a web browser (Google Chrome is recommend), select appropriate SR1 web address for your region:

      1. If you are located in Australia, please use the above US web address.

  2. Login using your existing SR1 username and password.

    1. Username should be entered in the following format: SR1DC\username

  3. Click on the computer icon pictured below:

    1. The Node (Node A, Node B, etc.) you see under this icon will depend on what server your SR1 file is hosted on.

  4. At this point, SR1 will load.

  5. Read the Legal Warning and click Accept.

  6. On your first login:

    1. You will be prompted to allow the remote computer to access local resources and load plug-ins. Make sure that Clipboard and File transfer are selected. Click Allow.

    2. You will be prompted to review and accept the FileMaker Pro Software License. Read the license and select "I accept the terms in the software license". Click Accept.

    3. You will prompted to load the below plug-ins. Select "Always load this plug-in". and click "Load Plug-In" on both.

  7. You are now logged into SR1.

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