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How to Attach Mechanical Licenses to Releases
How to Attach Mechanical Licenses to Releases
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  1. Create Musical Works for the tracks that need mechanical licenses.

  2. In Assets, attach the Musical Work to the appropriate Recording by clicking on the green plus icon.

  3. In Releases, navigate to the Release the mechanical license will be attached to.

    1. The Musical Work must be attached to the Recording (step 2) before this.

  4. From the menu on the left, select "Tracks". This will show the list of tracks connected to this release.

  5. At the bottom of this window, select "Auto Connect Mechanical Licenses". This will connect mechanical licenses to the tracks that have Musical Works attached to them (see previous steps).

  6. Select "Mechanical Licenses" to view the mechanical licenses associated with this Release.

  7. Scroll to the right to view and edit the exact terms of the mechanical license, or click the magnifying glass left of the Licensee ID to view the mechanical license in more detail and edit.

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