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How To Import Sales Statements Over 255 MB (PC)
How To Import Sales Statements Over 255 MB (PC)
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  1. In a web browser (Google Chrome is recommend), select appropriate SR1 web address for your region and login:

  2. Click the gear icon in the upper right corner.

  3. Select "Download the RDP file".

  4. Click on the computer icon pictured below:

    1. This will download the SR1 RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) file.

  5. Select the SR1.rdp file from your Downloads. This will open in Microsoft Remote Desktop. Click Connect.

  6. Enter your login credentials once more.

    1. Username should be entered in the following format: SR1DC\username

  7. Read the Legal Warning and click Accept.

  8. You are now logged into SR1 and can import sales statements as usual with no 255 MB file limit. Please reach out to if you have any issues.

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