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How to Download Files from SR1
How to Download Files from SR1
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  1. When you download files from SR1, if the file doesn't automatically download you'll need to first save it to the Remote Desktop Virtual Drive. In the downloads pop-up window you can typically access the drive by selecting This PC and then clicking Remote Desktop Virtual Drive. If it doesn't appear under This PC, proceed to step 4.

  2. Next, open the Downloads folder, and Save your file. You will now see the file downloading to the Virtual Drive.

  3. Once the download is complete, navigate to the upper right corner of your screen where the download arrow has appeared

    1. You should see a dropdown allowing the file to be downloaded to your local machine.

    2. If you select the "Don't ask me again" box in the dropdown, you will not need to do this step again.

    3. Select Confirm. You can now find the file in the Downloads folder of your local machine.

  4. If the Remote Desktop Virtual Drive doesn't appear under This PC, select Network and then open the network tsclient

  5. Select the Remote Desktop Virtual Drive, and then open the Downloads folder.

  6. Similarly to above if you accessed the drive via This PC, Save your file, and click confirm on the dropdown asking if you want to download a file.

For downloading specific types of documents, see below:

  1. To download Contract documents, go to Deals > Navigate to the appropriate deal and select the Download icon.

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