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How to Set Up & Request a Digital Sales Batch
How to Set Up & Request a Digital Sales Batch

A sales batch allows you to bulk import, map, and activate digital sales files.

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Note: batch imports are not available for physical or publishing income.

This process is recommended for large files. Once you've set up the statements to batch import, the SR1 team will run the sales batch itself (batches can only be started by the SR1 team).

  1. Upload the sales file you'd like to batch import to the Remote Desktop Virtual Drive, then to the appropriate digital sales container. Click to trigger the import process.

  2. Instead of clicking "Import Now" in this window, click "Batch" to prepare the file to batch import.

  3. The file will then match to an import template. Follow the prompts and enter any necessary information in the pop-ups (ex: exchange rate).

  4. SR1 will now review the statement for errors but will not import the data. Resolve any errors and repeat the above steps.

    1. Reach out to if assistance is needed.

  5. After the file successfully processes, the Batch Sales Import Status in the container will be yellow and say "Pending".

  6. Repeat steps 1-5 with all of the files you'd like to batch import.

  7. When you're ready for the sales to be imported, send a batch request to with the following details:

    1. The statement containers IDs need to be run

      1. You can also request that all pending files be imported

    2. The mapping criteria you'd like to use

      1. You also have the option to batch import sales without mapping & activating

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