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How to Export a Statement Summary Report
How to Export a Statement Summary Report
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  1. Find the set of deals you want to create a statement summary report for:

    1. Go to Deals and in the left hand navigation menu select a deal type (Master, Distribution, Publishing, Mechanicals).

    2. Click Find and search for the deals you want included in the report.

  2. View the set of deals in the Reports page by following these steps:

    1. Select any deal in the set you just found and go to the Statements tab.

    2. Click "View in Reports page" at the bottom of the window.

    3. In the pop up click "Found Set" (this will take you to the Reports page).

  3. In the Reports page SR1 will show every existing statement for the deals you previously selected. If you want a specific subset of statements in your summary report, such as statements for a particular period:

    1. Click the Constrain find button

    2. Enter your search criteria (for example, search for a specific year and period) > Click Enter.

    3. You will now see the subset of statements that will be included in your summary report.

  4. To export the statement summary report:

    1. Click the Excel icon at the top of the screen

    2. The file will now download to your computer.

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