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How to Publish a Set of Statements to SR1net
How to Publish a Set of Statements to SR1net
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  1. Find the the deals you want to publish statements for:

    1. Go to Deals > Click Find and enter in your search criteria.

    2. In the Deals container view go to the Statements tab > Click "View in Reports page" > In the pop up click "Found Set" (this will take you to the Reports page).

  2. In the Reports page will see all statements from the set of Deals you found - constrain the set to show only statements from the period you want published by clicking the Constrain find icon > Entering in a specific Year and Period.

  3. To publish (or republish) the set of found statements go to the top menu bar, select "Admin" > "SR1net Uploads" > "SR1Net -> Upload Master Statements"

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