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How to Connect Assets and Releases to Master Deals
How to Connect Assets and Releases to Master Deals
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  1. Navigate to the Master Deal you need to add Recordings to. Click the Assets tab on the deal, then click the green plus sign on the right.

  2. If you have previously run royalty statements on this deal, you will receive the following message. Click "Add" to proceed.

  3. Find and select the new asset you want to add to this deal. You may also Select Multiple.

  4. The Recording has now been added to the master deal. Next, you'll need to connect the associated Release to the Master deal.

    1. To connect an individual release to a deal, click Connect Deals on a release.

    2. To connect a set of releases to deals in bulk, use the Admin menu. In the top menu bar go to Admin > Release Updates > Select "Release -> Auto Connect Deals." If you are working with a large set of releases, this will take some time to complete.

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