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How to Map & Activate Sales Lines
How to Map & Activate Sales Lines

Unmapped sales lines are not used in royalty calculations. Sales lines must be mapped & activated first.

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  1. Only one user at a time can map & activate sales in SR1. If your SR1 file has multiple user accounts, make sure that no one else on your team is currently mapping before continuing.

  2. Navigate to the appropriate statement container in SR1 (Digital, Physical, or Publishing). Click on Import Data and then Search/Edit to see all unmapped sales lines for this container.

  3. If you want to map & activate all unmapped sales at once, click on View All to see unmapped sales lines across all statement containers in SR1.

  4. Check your preferred mapping criteria for Digital or Physical Sales. SR1 will use your selected criteria to match the sales lines to existing Releases (Digital, Physical) or Musical Works (Publishing). Publishing Income will always map using all criteria.

    1. Digital

    2. Physical

    3. Publishing

  5. SR1 will always map in the numerical order listed.

    1. For example, if you selected the below criteria in Digital Sales, SR1 would first search for a matching release by Sale ID. If there is no matching sale ID, it will then search for a match by ISRC. If there is no matching ISRC it will then search for a match by UPC. If there is no matching UPC, the sales line will remain unmapped.

    2. Note: Duplicates may prevent sales lines from mapping properly. For example, if you are mapping by Sale ID and there are multiple releases with the same Sale ID, SR1 will either need to use another mapping criteria to determine which release to map this sale to or leave this line in unmapped sales.

      1. You can search for duplicates in any of these fields in SR1 by doing a Find for an exclamation point.

  6. If you want to map lines to releases without activating, click on the yellow arrows.

  7. If you want to map & activate lines at once, click on Active All and ensure that "Remap before activating" is selected.

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