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Setting Up Logging
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How to Access your Log Files

For access to your logs files please contact the Penelope Support Team with the following information:

  • The log files you would like

  • The date range

  • Any other information that you think maybe useful

Performance Log

The Performance Log monitors the performance of Penelope (periodically) and must be enabled on the Logging Setup page to function. On startup (and every hour after) it will log certain information and perform checks as enabled below.

Performance Logging Enabled

Check to enable performance logging (and creation of the log file itself on the server).

Memory Threshold

Set the Memory Usage Threshold to the value you would like the performance log to monitor. If this value is reached additional information will be logged (see example at the bottom of this article). When this threshold is reached memory logging will increase to every 15 minutes until the memory usage returns to below the threshold. When the threshold is reached the System Administrator user group will be sent an alert.

Database Connection Pool Threshold

See Memory Threshold instructions above.

Monitor Database Lock

Check to enable monitoring and logging of database locks.

Include Diskspace Usage Logging

Check to include in log files.

Include JVM Memory Usage Logging

Check to include in log files.

Include Connection Usage Logging

Check to include in log files.

Include Usage Summary Logging

Check to include in log files.

Include Thread Usage Logging

Check to include in log files.

Sample dump for Progress Log

[2013-07-04] [02:45:56] [Thread-44] WARN impl.PenLoggerImpl –==================************====================
[2013-07-04] [02:45:56] [Thread-44] WARN impl.PenLoggerImpl – Summary of Usage: CPU time[9 s] TotalPhysicalMemory[17179 MB] RequestCount[0] RequestTime[0] UploadMB[0 MB] DownloadMB[0 MB] UpTime[62s] TotalLoadedClassCount[5165]

[2013-07-04] [02:45:56] [Thread-44] WARN impl.PenLoggerImpl – JVM MemoryUsage : 46% Par Eden Space[ Usage:38% Collection Usage: 18% Threashold:0%] Par Survivor Space[ Usage:55% Collection Usage: 55% Threashold:0%] CMS Old Gen[ Usage:13% Collection Usage: 13% Threashold:79%] TotalHeapMemory[16%] Code Cache[ Usage:4 % ] CMS Perm Gen[ Usage:46 % Collection Usage: 46% Threashold:0%] TotalNonHeapMemory[30%]

[2013-07-04] [02:45:56] [Thread-44] WARN impl.PenLoggerImpl – ConnectionUsage: 5% ActiveConnection[2] IdleConnection[0] TotalConnection[37] FailedConnection[0]

[2013-07-04] [02:45:56] [Thread-44] WARN impl.PenLoggerImpl – ThreadUsage:17% LiveThreads[50] TotalThreadsStarted[89] MaxThread[512] Peak[52] DaemonThreads[44]

[2013-07-04] [02:45:56] [Thread-44] WARN impl.PenLoggerImpl – Disk Space [Total: 499082 MB Usable:64881 MB freeSpace:65143 MB] Attachment Folder[Total: 0 bytes]

Access User Level Log

This records any login attempt, successful login/logout and any messages sent back to the user including the locking/unlocking of accounts. The access log runs regardless of the settings on the System Administrator page and does not have settings to turn on/off or control any of the details tracked in the access log.

User Logging Enabled

This records the date and time of any changes in the number of active sessions. The performance log does not replace any monitoring tool and will not notify you when failure is about to happen. It is simply meant to complement any other monitoring tools you may use.

Logging Setup

1. In the System Setup section select Logging Setup.

2. On the Logging Setup page select the Setting tab.

3. Click Edit.

4. Configure the Logging Settings as required.

5. Click Save.

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